I developed EndureLash® organic cloths while looking for a simple way to cleanse and dry my expensive eyelash extensions.

the beginning

As a working mom of three boys, I have about 20 minutes to myself to get ready each morning and I became addicted to the convenience of lash extensions. They helped me look more awake: bronzer, lips, lashes - I’m ready!  As a consumer of lash extensions for over four years, I did notice maintenance issues. When extensions get wet after showering or sweating, the extensions become very absorbent and clump together. When I would pat them dry with a standard terry cloth towel, the loops of the weave would snag, pull, and sometimes shed into my extensions. I would literally count the dollars I was losing per lash.


After interviewing every woman I could corner, from friends to a stranger at the store, I realized everyone with lash extensions was having these same issues. Sometimes their solution was to not wash them or get them wet, and coming from a dental hygiene background, all I could think about was how unhealthy that was for their eyes. I started testing prototypes of different weaves of organic fabrics on myself for about nine months to come up with a better solution. Finally, I landed on my first product, the EndureLash® Organic Drying Cloth.  And during that selection process, I stumbled upon (what would later become) the EndureLash® Eye Makeup Removal Cloth as a less expensive and safe way to remove eye makeup with just warm water.

I am so pleased to be sharing these beauty tools with other women who want to maintain their lashes in an effective, convenient way. I look forward to hearing from you to see how they change your beauty routine for the better!


a product with a cause

EndureLash® is committed to donating a portion of our end of year proceeds to the Ronald McDonald House Charities Family Room Projects, in memory of Chyler Nicole Huebner. We also are proud to support Kids and Cars.